SipDark – Whiskey Stones with a Twist


If you see someone using this with a chaser, feel free to punch them right in the dick. Mad Duo

SipDark : Whiskey Stones with a Twist

For all our whiskey lovers out there, we recently stumbled upon something you might find useful: specialty metal whiskey stones for the gun lover. For those of you that don’t drink fine scotch, we’ll break this down for you. Many whiskey aficionados feel that adding ice to their booze spoils the flavor. Traditionally, old Scots would add small stones from the local waterway to chill their whiskey, without diluting it into something more suitable for women and children. This tradition is still alive today, but is rarely seen with as much style as the offerings from SipDark.


SipDark makes commonly identifiable square stones, as well as several more unique designs. You can chose from a miniature revolver cylinder, cartridge shaped stones or assorted steel spheres. The company also offers custom engraving, making their whiskey stones a great gift idea. SipDark sells a line of fine glassware, making them a one stop shop for everything but your preferred booze. Check them out, and sound off on what type of whiskey you prefer.


Visit their webpage here, Facebook here, or Etsy page here

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