Shots Fired with Property and a Car Stolen from Seaholm High in Birmingham

I live in Bloomfiled Hills and many of my more liberal neighbors laugh at the idea that I carry a weapon and have planned escape routes from my home for my children.

Today is an example of why even “safe” neighborhoods need to be alert.

By MONICA DRAKE,; @monica_adele

Classes at a Birmingham high school were called off after an early morning carjacking with shots fired. No one was injured.
A man was arrested and another man is on the run after shots were fired in the parking lot of Seaholm High School early Tuesday morning and a maintenance worker’s vehicle was stolen.
The incident happened around 4:50 a.m. when the employee was approached by a young man in the parking lot as the employee was getting out of his vehicle. The suspect reportedly pointed a handgun at the worker, demanded his money, cell phone and keys, and then fired one shot in the air. The employee complied — dropping his property to the ground and running into the school.
The victim told police that, as he was running, he heard the sound of another gunshot and saw a second suspect run toward his Mercury Grand Marquis.
Madison Heights police located the stolen vehicle traveling southbound on I-75. Police report that the suspects refused to stop as they fled to the area of Seven Mile and Conant roads in Detroit and abandoned the car.
Detroit, Madison Heights, Royal Oak, Birmingham and Michigan State Police all surrounded the area, and one of the suspects was tracked to a house, where he was arrested.
Police believe the man arrested was the one who fired the two gunshots. He has reportedly been uncooperative with police and has not provided his identification or any other information.
Police are still searching for the second suspect.
Students took to social media as they wondered why school was canceled. One student tweeted that some of his classmates were participating in early morning sports practice inside the school when the shooting occurred outside.
Allison Cumper tweeted, “Glad that no one was hurt at Seaholm. But this serves as a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. No matter where you are.”
Fox 2 reporter Roop Raj (@rooprajfox2) tweeted that middle schoolers were late getting to school because buses had to drop off high schoolers after classes were cancelled.
Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills have faster then typical police response times. We have some of the best police in the state but even the best can only respond to a crime and can often not prevent it.  We will be covering the story in more depth as it develops.

Remember schools are gun free zones and as such are a target rich environment for criminals who ignore laws. Cases like this need to be brought to the attention of your local representatives so we can push to change the current CPL laws and allow for licensed carry in these zones.

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