SHOT Show 2019 Picks, and 2018 Fails

It’s January folks and that means SHOT Show 2019 is upon us. New guns, gear, and tons of beef jerky will be had. This will be my third SHOT Show and I haven’t reached jaded gun writer just yet, so I still get excited about these things. There are always big reveals at SHOT, but a few have come down the wire a little early and I want to point out my Top 5 picks for SHOT show 2019.

Walther PPQ Steel Frame

John Moses Browning designed the original Hi-Power as a striker fired gun, and it would be a rare one. Most striker fired guns sport a polymer frame. As a Tactical Hipster, I do enjoy my metal framed guns and my craft beers. The Walther PPQ has always been a master of ergonomics and brilliant trigger design. Walther just revealed the Walther PPQ Q5 Match SF, SF standing for steel frame. Why steel? Steel is heavier and weight reduces recoil and less recoil means faster firing. Best of all it makes for a more ergonomic gun that is absolutely gorgeous. This is my top pick so far of SHOT Show 2019.

Kel-Tec CP33 pistol

The Kel-Tec PMR 30 was cool to me, but 22 Magnum is expensive for just popping off 30 rounds for fun. You know what’s cheap for shooting? 22 LR. The Kel-Tec CP33 is the latest crazy rimfire gun from Kel-Tec that packs 33 rounds of 22LR. It’s a crazy, futuristic looking gun that oughta be fun for the range. It’s coming with a full-length optics rail, as well as a threaded barrel for attaching a can. With an MSRP of $475 it looks like it will be an affordable little blaster as long as it runs. I hope Kel-Tec has one at Range Day for SHOT Show 2019.

Mossberg MC1sc

Mossberg makes a handgun now folks. Admittedly another striker fired, semi-automatic, single stack 9mm handgun isn’t really sexy or innovative. However, something appeals to me about one of my favorite shotgun manufacturers tossing out a 9mm handgun. They aren’t the only one, Stoeger is doing a 9mm pistol too. What appeals to me is the genuine design in the Mossberg MC1sc. This includes the ability to use Glock 43 magazines, and compatibility with SIG #8 sights. The SC in MC1sc stands for subcompact, and this leads me to believe we may see more Mossberg handguns.

Remington Tac 13

I love shotguns and I really love these not a shotgun 12 gauges. The pump action models were big successes in 2017 and their market share grew quickly. You can find them in most popular calibers, but pump actions seem to be the only option. The new TAC 13 is a semi-automatic ‘firearm’ that functions on the same loophole as the TAC 14. A semi-auto model will be softer shooting overall, and a lot of fun. The idea of just unleashing a hellacious burst of rounds from one these 12 gauges seems like it will be an absolute blast. Again, SHOT Show 019 range day will be amazing.

Henry Long Ranger

I don’t quite know why this gun appeals to me. Lever action guns are cool, but I never had a major draw to one. Long range shooting is fun, but again no big draw to it personally. Somehow if you put a Henry Lever gun in 6.5 Creedmoor I suddenly want it. Maybe it is the clever name, Long Ranger, get it? Like Lone Ranger, but not. The gun doesn’t make a ton of sense. Lever guns are a pain to use in the prone, and the best long-range shooting is done in the prone. It’s an odd combination but I plan to get hands-on at SHOT Show 2019.

Disappointments from Last Year

Because I’m a whiny internet gun expert I want to remark on a few guns I was disappointed by from 2018’s SHOT Show. Hopefully SHOT show 2019 will fix a few of these.

Tavor TS12

Where is it? I love this gun and want one immensely. I loved shooting it at range day and was told first quarter 2018. Well here we are in 2019 and it’s nowhere to be seen. Come on guys, get me my high cap bullpup shotgun fix.

The Reformation

An 11.5-inch barrel AR that’s not an SBR and not a pistol. It comes with a stock and was chambered in 300 Blackout. What was it? The gun internet was aflame. In reality, it’s a 4 MOA gun that uses straight cut lands and grooves instead of rifles. Admittedly it’s cool, and I hate the NFA to. The 1,4000 and up price tag is a bit high for a 4 MOA rifle. It’s neat, but not that neat.

Desert Tech MDR

The MDR has been at a lot of SHOT Shows and as a company, they kept saying it’s coming soon! It finally came! It also proved to have lots of teething issues with FTFs being a consistent issue. It doesn’t seem like the wait was worth it.

SHOT Show 2019

The time is upon us, its time to buy tickets, make hotel reservations, take some airborne etc. We’ll soon be in the thralls of the biggest gun show in the world and I for one am quite excited to see what is coming next.