Shockwave Blade with Adjustable Tube Review

Taking the ECE course from Sentinel Concepts this weekend taught me the value of a light and maneuverable carbine. When using a CQB pistol, it is even more important. Fighting in an urban environment such as a home with obstacles and corners, light and maneuverable will give you the edge to engage quickly. Nobody grasps this concept better than the folks at KAK Industry. You may have seen reviews on them before from us. They make high quality US made products with a focus on the AR-15.

One product that helped build their name was the Sig Pistol Brace buffer tube we reviewed, and it’s subsequent versions. KAK has moved into 2015 with a vengeance to become the name in the pistol tube market with its recent partnership with Shockwave.

As seen with an AR-15 pistol bug out kit.
As seen with an AR-15 pistol bug out kit.

Shockwave developed a solid polymer pistol brace that offers many unique advantages over the incredibly popular Sig Brace. The biggest of these is arguably thanks to the combined partnership with KAK Industry.

The Shockwave brace combined with the KAK Industry 12 point adjustable buffer tube creates a stable, adjustable shooting platform for those with long arms. Unlike competitive products that loose support as they are moved rearward, the solid polymer structure with locking adjustable tube, will not collapse when pressure is applied to the rear of the brace.

It has a solid blade form that rests against the arm instead of the softer rubber that would wrap around the arm also increases stability when shooting. This gives the Shockwave brace an advantage when rapidly fired or shot from certain positions.

The Shockwave comes with a copy of the ATF letter designating it as a legal accessory for pistol users, making it compliant in most states. In short if you can own a pistol brace in your state you can own the Shockwave.


black-blade-w-kak-tube-kit-250x187KAK Industry has always been a company who develops affordable solutions for the American public. Even with that understanding I was blown away on the price point. When sold in a package that contains:

  • Shockwave blade pistol brace
  • Buffer
  • 12 Point adjustable buffer tube
  • Mil-spec endplate
  • Castle nut
  • Carbine buffer spring

For just $95.

That is everything you could need to build a bad ass pistol for less than the cost of most bare bones braces.


Not only is the brace half the cost of its competition it half the weight. We touted the increased rigidity of the polymer frame earlier in the article expecting it to come at the cost of weight. When breaking down the specs though we found to our surprise, the Shockwave came in at 9.6 oz for the package vs. 18.4

KAK 12 points adjustable buffer tube: 4.6 oz

Shockwave Blade Brace: 5 oz

Total 9.6 oz

KAK Super Sig Brace 6.3 oz

Sig SB15 Brace 12.1 oz

Total 18.4 oz.

It is available in colors such as Black, FDE, Grey and OD green for all you fashion conscious builders. Not to mention it just looks cooler than most products.


The immediate con that comes to mind is the blade itself is very thin since it is a brace and not a stock. Having seen full-fledged polymer B5 and Mil-spec stocks break in a recent class when mortar cleared it is abundantly obvious that this brace would likely shatter if used to mortar clear a malfunction. If you did have a malfunction that required a mortar clear simply removing the Shockwave blade brace from the 12-point adjustable buffer tube would allow you to proceed to a mortar clear. Not a great option in combat or home defense but if you are in such a situation in real life, you would like need to transition to a pistol in the short term anyway.

The Shockwave blade pistol brace is not made of soft rubber, so it is much harder against the body. This means it absorbs less recoil than the SB15. 5.56 is not a hard hitting round so this is not an issue, however if you’re trying a more exotic pistol build like a 458 SOCOM, 50 Beowulf or other harder hitting round it is definitely food for thought.




The Shockwave blade pistol brace is not made of soft rubber, so it is much harder against the body (I feel like I wrote this someplace before). In turn, this means that the product is less likely to collapse or fold up on you, as softer rubber will.

The weight makes this perfect for a lightweight backpacking gun or emergency grab and go weapon that could be very effective to 300 yards but perfect for 10-15 yard more typical interactions.

Not only is it lighter, but it is also considerably thinner of a solution, allowing for a streamlined lower profile weapon when stored in a bag.

Cost is another big win as we outlined earlier.



Final Thoughts

AR pistols are a unique animal not for everyone. Adding a pistol brace is a niche market that has enjoyed a huge growth in the last 2 years. If you have one of these weapons or have ever thought about getting one I would highly recommend the Shockwave as an affordable and superior starting point.

You can find the Shockwave Blade Kit here: for $95.


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