The Sentinel Concepts Elite Collection Awesome Range Bag: Best Ever?

The most valuable aspect of firearms training is time spent at the range.  Naturally, the objective of going to the range is to spend as much time as possible shooting. Time and energy spent digging through a disorganized backpack or tool box trying to find dummy rounds, shot timer, sight tools, spare magazines, loaders or other accessories is just wasted.  If you are paying by the hour, a good range bag will pay for itself.

The Sentinel Concepts Elite Collection A.R.B. Range Bag was designed  by Steve Fisher, the owner/lead instructor for Sentinel Concepts. He looked at what he and his shooters needed and put it in a bag for you.

There are a couple of different theories about exactly what ARB stands for, my favorite is Awesome Range bag.  It is modular, adjustable and comes in Ranger Green with Black Accents.

Made by TUFF Products, the ARB is built strong. The handgun mag pouches on the inside are removable so you place a medical kit or anything else with Velcro back. It makes sense it the way it was designed with room for the important tools and a few more.

When I saw that it came with instructions, I was a little taken aback, but the set-up was way easier than I expected and the design allows you to build the range bag you want instead of just carrying what you have.

8” Wide x16” long x 7.5” Deep
2 Exterior Elastic Pouches 5×7.5
8 Exterior 30 Round AR15 Mag Pouches
2 zippered padded interior weapon pockets 7”x14” with Dual Zippers
10 Inner Pistol Magazine/Tool Pockets (5 each Side removable)
Fully Padded Bottom and Interior Pockets
No Slip Adjustable Shoulder Strap Included
Dual Zippered opening
Polymer Bottom Stiffener plate

There is some assembly required. You have to install the stiffener and padded bag insert seen below.

The bag is offered in Ranger Green with Black Accents

The inside has two padded pistol compartments along with the main area that holds all your needs and more. There are two velcro backed removable  magazine holders which hold five pistol mags each. The outside has magazine storage for 8 rifle mags and has two side compartments that can be used for a water bottle or med kit ect.

The ARB Range Bag is shipped un-assembled. You get:

1 Polymer Stiffener plate

2 5 Inline Mag/Tool Pouches- Velcro Backed

1 Removable Padded Bag Insert- Velcro Backed

1 Range Velcro Lined Interior – Outer Bag

1 Shoulder Strap

The ARB has a lot of what you need and not much of what you don’t.  According to use, your mileage may vary.  As a 3-gun competitor and a firearms instructor who teaches handgun, rifle and Shotgun, the ARB bag lets me tailor the features to the mission of the day.  I have had many range bags over the years.  Most of them ended up in the trash because seams or zippers failed when I overloaded them with ammo and gear.  The ARB is tough enough to survive many years of use and abuse.

Get your very own Sentinel Concepts Elite Collection A.R.B. Range Bag HERE

About TUFF Products:.

TUFF Products is a family owned company in Chula Vista California. After years of working for other firms, in 2005, brother and sister team Natt and Nanci Stevens started making Cell Phone cases and Taser Holsters for Law Enforcement. Since then, the business continues to evolve with several product lines, their newest venture being PVC patches .

Because TUFF operates three factories, they control the entire supply chain.  This keeps prices down and quality high. TUFF has their own line of retail soft goods products as well as OEM products for major firearms companies.  You probably already own TUFF Products but the label says Hornady or Crimson Trace or NRA, but there is always a little TUFF Tag in there somewhere.

Working with dynamic personalities like professional shooter and photographer Ichiro Nagata and shooter trainer Steve “Yeti” Fisher of Sentinel Concepts, TUFF rapidly turns design ideas into quality products leading the industry in research and development.

TUFF makes a lot of products, but they make sure that everything they build lives up to the company name.

About Sentinel Concepts:

Sentinel Concepts is committed to bringing our students the most current and relevant firearms training based on their personal needs.

No two classes will have the same curriculum, as each class will be based on the students and their training goals in each class.  

Individual students’ goals, abilities, and skills will be the basis for each class’ instruction.  Each drill and exercise will build a solid surface for each student to develop a plan for their personal practice sessions and will enable them to diagnose their own mistakes and to empower them to be better, more efficient shooters, and effective weapon manipulator after the class and for years to come, by using proven and current techniques

Steve “Yeti” Fisher

Steve Fisher has been the owner/lead instructor for Sentinel Concepts since 2014. He also is a contract instructor for numerous ranges in Michigan and has been a staff instructor for EAG Tactical for the past 5 years. Steve currently serves as a reserve officer with an agency in the southern United States as a firearms trainer for SWAT and patrol divisions.

Steve’s career as a trainer started in the 90’s, first at NTFT and then later as the owner/ lead trainer of MDFI, both Michigan-based companies, and served as one of the primary Instructors for Magpul Dynamics. He was responsible for the development of new programs and tactics for several local police departments and new training curriculum’s based on low light, home defense and the use of the carbine, handgun, and shotgun in various roles.

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