Senate Passes Undetectable Firearms Act

We had discussed this on the Facebook page for 248Shooter a few days ago. Nothing upsets me more than profiteering and fear mongering in an effort to get you to join some lobby group. I understand gun lobbies are a necessary evil when we need to combat idiots like Bloomberg. Lets not kid ourselves into thinking they have our best interest at heart however.

The amount of garbage mails I got from groups like NAGR about this specific bill over the last few weeks has made my head ready to explode.

The bill has passed. It is a feel good bill with virtually no teeth and will do nothing to stop criminals. At least no other BS legislation was tacked on and 3D printing should be unaffected due to the need for enough metal in those guns to not qualify as undetectable.
Here is an update from Politico

“Technology has advanced so not only are these guns real but they can be made so that the law that exists and expires tonight can be evaded,” Schumer said. “I haven’t heard one specific argument against our closing the loophole.”
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) objected to Schumer’s request — and the Senate instead picked up the clean House extension of the bill and passed it. Grassley said the Senate had not effectively probed the new technology through congressional hearings and described Schumer’s amendment as coming at the “eleventh hour.”

It is expected that a separate new round of legislation specifically aimed at 3D guns will be announced shortly. If this is the case we should contact our reps. 3D printing holds some very interesting possibilities for manufacturing and gun owners. We do not want to see these technologies crippled due to the short sighted idiots afraid of liberty.

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