Select-fire FN P90TR 5.7×28 review: ‘I love this gun’ (VIDEO)

Machine Gun Mike lives up to his name and lights up a real deal post-86 sample Fabrique Nationale P90TR as fast as it can cycle.

Designed during the Cold War to give NATO troops a personal defense weapon (PDW) alternative to the 9mm pistol, the P90 was envisioned to be able to penetrate flak vests and steel helmets with it’s very spicy 5.7x28mm cartridge. In production since 1990, the un-neutered version is capable of 900 rounds per minute when the go switch is set to full fun.

The tri-rail version (hence TR) of the gun is what Mike has on tap, and he walks you through weapon manip and nomenclature before letting the 19-inch long Belgian waffle rip.

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