SecureIt MILSPEC KIT Review and Installation

By 248 Shooter

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SecureIt is a top military, police and civilian producer of storage solutions for firearms and gear. With over 10 years experience working with US special forces to secure a wide range of weapons and gear, SecureIt has built its reputation on operational knowledge from inside the USA.

Recently we reported on the release of the MILSPEC Kit that allows you to retro fit a traditional gun safe or cabinet into tactical storage at a military level with SecureIt weapon storage platform. Today we are going to share our opinions on the product having had the chance to test one out first hand.

Why Would I want This?

The obvious answer is so you can be the most tactical on your block Duh! For those of you who don’t just buy thing because they look cool (the other 5% of our readers) then here are the practical points.

My safe sucked for storing weapons like my Kriss SDP. pistol Ar-15 and even my carbine length Ar-15’s. The system I had provided a bar with set heights for the guns all in a row. As you will see below in the after photos’s my gun’s vary greatly in length. Also the optics I have mounted on some of my guns really made it difficult to get to the guns. It’s like trying to fit one of the old school canvas tents back in the retail box when you try to fit the amount of guns in a safe that its lists as acceptable.

The traditional gun safe layout is almost completely useless to me. If you own several different length weapons then this SecureIt solution is going to be of use to you. Also if you have larger, valuable optics or store most of your weapons with an optic, it will be a huge advantage to you. The upper saddle is designed to allow the firearm to be stored with the optic facing in so 1) can’t drop anything on the optic so wont get damaged 2) straight line access to firearm allows you to grab and go 3) adjust to store any length firearm.

The kit also offers a unique level of organization you will not find in a traditional safe. The people over at SecureIt refer to this as organizational awareness. I call it “finding what I need fast”.

How Does it Differ

The SecureIt MILSPEC KIT weapon storage platform is designed to properly store 6 weapons per kit like they would be stored in a modern military armory. The modular system adjust to store any firearm with optic attac within individual compartments so its easy to reach and optics wont bump any thing.

Once it is installed no tools are needed to quickly adjust the hight for each weapon.The base plate (slotted slope shelf) offers a unique sliding system to accept multiple sized stocks for a sure grip on the weapon . These features are a huge advantage for people like me who have ADD and are unable to keep the same weapons very long and OCD requiring me to have the guns I do keep, perfectly organized.


Ok I was fooled in the video and the box with the very clearly written no tools required. The fact is once it is installed any adjustment to the system can be done on the fly without tools. To set it up however your going to need some tools.

In my case the hardest part of the installation was the demolition. My safe had a divider that would not allow the secure backing to be attached to the safe. I had to remove the divider first and that thing was a monster to get out. After about an hour of sweating cursing bending and several lb’s of elbow grease, I had the safe ready to accept the kit. If you have a larger safe you may not have the same issues I did. Just make sure you have enough space to install the 17.25” wide panels.

Once your down to a bare safe or have a section wide enough to accept the panels the installation is super simple. When I say super simple I mean really stupid simple, like anyone can do it simple. KISS (keep It Super Simple)

Position the first panel about 6 inches up from the base of your safe and screw it in. Place the next panel just above that panel and screw it in. Attach the butt stock compartments (lower saddle system cups) to the base pad (slotted sloped shelf) and place it inside the safe. Your done. Seriously I think it took me 15 minutes or so.

Here is a video of a user installing the rack in a broom closet. If you are looking for a cool way to store guns in a locked closet or non descript storage space, or better yet in a gun room then this kit is the way to go. Watch how easy this really is to put in.

Old With New

Once you have everything in place it is simple to start putting the guns in and positioning the drop in barrel/ forend upper saddle supports. Each gun rests in its own compartment using upper and lower saddles per each firearm . As you will see in my pictures each gun is set to a specific height that works best This works great because most people don’t have a rack of m-4’s. You might have a few m-4’s but then also have a shotgun, a few bolt guns and maybe if your like me some cool classic military weapons like a Mosin or M-1.

The barrel/forend support (upper saddle) has a unique tapered system that really allows you to put any type of weapon in it because it is designed to support any firearm at the barrel, rail or magwell. From thick M-4 forends to the pencil barrels or my short Kriss SDP all the way up to the wide wood grip of a Mosin these guns are held in place impeccably.

Pros and Cons


  • This kit is KISSed (Keep It Stupid Simple) to install
  • Easy access
  • Proper protection for optics
  • Fits wide range of PDW and full size guns
  • Looks awesome
  • Quality over quantity


  • Expensive at $299 for a kit
  • Reduces your storage capacity (maybe)

So let’s address some of the negatives of the kit. The price is easily the first and largest negative of the kit. For $299 you can go get a cheap 10 gun safe. It would be cheap crap and likely only useful to keep your kids away from the guns but it would work. If your trying to store several weapons all of a similar size then that is likely a better solution.

However if your like my good friend who bought a house with a gigantic safe in it. He would never use all the space inside it and the layout allows for him to add this very easily. For him this was a no brainier and he bought one after he saw mine. If your like me a new safe would not solve the issues I had related to storing my guns so for me the $299 was worth it.

The other possible issue is reduced storage capacity. I list this as a maybe because the fact is safes are like tents (I know I used an analogy earlier this one is different I promise.). If you have ever bought a 3 person tent and tried to sleep even 2 people in it you know what I mean. Unless your a pack of circus clowns or wild west midgets your not going to fit that many people in a tent. I have never seen a gun safe for 10 guns fit 10 guns. The ones that come close with even 8 or so are such a jumbled mess that it takes a long time to get the guns out without scratching them.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. When I installed this kit I lost the ability to store 1 gun and my stacked ammo cans. I would do it all over again though because when I had more guns and the ammo cans my weapons were getting scratched up as I tried to shift or remove weapons. Also I had a hell of a time finding the weapon I wanted on any given range day. (Sounds like a good movie title)

Final Thoughts

The cost and loss of space for me are not an issue. The benefits of cleaner storage and easy access have me sold on this kit. The ease of use and fast installation would not sell me on it but they sure are great features. My interactions with the team at SecureIt have been fantastic and they product shipped the same day I ordered it.

I loved this and the people as SecureIt so much that chances are we are going to be doing a review on the Falcon Fast Box they offer soon as that is something I want to add to my home protection plan. We may even do one on the sweet car storage kits they have.

The MILSPEC Storage Kit is $299.00 and can be found here:

Bins and trays may be repositioned
on back panel for additional organization
Two component saddle system
adjusts throughout safe to accommodate
all long gun
Ammo and gear fit behind firearms utilizing valuable real estate

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