SCAR-17 Muzzle Drama?

 Now that I have tricked you into reading this article with the cold sweat and fear evoked by the title, please read on. This is for the select few of you who have not only acquired a SCAR-17s but have been burning with the desire to equip that wonderful Belgian .308 blaster with a suppressor.

At first the search for a suppression system is completely dedicated to the suppressor itself… its weight, length, durability, service record, and possibly quick detach system options.Let’s just say you’ve fallen in love with a SilencerCo Saker 762, you have the funds, and you’re ready to file your form 4. All good? Ready to start the longest 5 to 9 month journey of your life?

NOPE! You haven’t considered the specific needs of your (DEEP BREATH) super awesome SCAR-17s pencil barrel’s muzzle device small mounting shoulder.

Say that five times fast. 

For many firearms, mounting a suppressor is done via either a direct thread or a quick detach system that uses a propriety muzzle device.The SCAR-17s is unique in this regard.This is because the SCAR-17s barrel is so thin and has a respectively small shoulder, the muzzle brakes that come with most suppressors are incompatible.The muzzle brake incompatibility results from the brake making contact with the crown of the barrel before the threads seat against the shoulder, and the fact that the barrel has a very distinct shoulder in the first place. Additionally, the thin SCAR barrel does not allow you to use shims to time a brake or comp properly.  


So now what? SilencerCo recommends using the Trifecta flash hider, but many SCAR-17s owners feel reluctant to part with a brake in order to maintain the most recoil control as possible. There is a lot of information out there that discusses flash hiders versus muzzle brakes and the tradeoffs of each, but the bottom line comes down to each user’s perception of what is most important.  

I have settled confidently on using SilencerCo’s Trifecta flash hider in tandem with MAAD mount for the following reasons. First, after acquiring the suppressor it will probably be very unlikely that any shooting will occur without it. Meaning that aside from the slight benefit a muzzle brake provides a suppressor as a first line of defense as the proverbial “sacrificial”  blast baffle, its’ detrimental to the user when the suppressor is not installed. How so? I’m glad you asked…  

This reasoning pertains to shooting unsuppressed.The flash hider, even though it may not help the shooter get back on target “faster” for follow up shots, has its own laundry list of issues. Mostly, its benefits outweigh those of a flash hider option. The flash hider is ideal because it aids the shooter’s concealment by reducing flash signature as seen by the shooter’s target. Additionally the flash hider reduces the amount of dust and debris kicked up around the shooter. 

Brakes also make your rifle louder and obnoxious to shoot around your buddies (or in your hallway at 0300). If you’ve ever been next to a guy running a brake at the range, at a match or down range, you already know what I’m talking about.  They assist the shooter slightly, the life of the can marginally, and are really only good for shooting paper instead of people. Long story short, the flash hider might not let you do a SCAR-17s mag dump like your favorite YouTube star, but in a life or death situation it’s the device you need.  If all you want to do is smoke check paper and cardboard villains, that’s just fine. Choose your favorite break or Compy-Comp™ and go to town. But if you’re concerned about using the firearm as an offensive or defensive weapon, consider the time you’ll be shooting the weapon unsuppressed. The flash hider is the choice, and for the limited options that are available for the SCAR, the SilencerCo appears to be (in my not-so-humble perception) the best.

Of course this is all just my own opinion. Some professionals will politely disagree and we’ll discuss. Mostly though I’ll just be standing by waiting for the three gunners and mall ninjas to attack. 

Just what kind of muzzle device do you suppose Gecko45 uses anyway?


Also, if you own a SCAR check this awesomeness out:

Thanks to Silencer Shop for the awesome imagery.

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