Son of SB 59 Introduced

Michigan Open Carry has announced the following:

The “Son of SB 59” has been introduced. The bill number should be published within the next day.

The new SB 59 will:

1. Eliminate all PFZs (no additional training required) except K-12 schools, hospitals, and churches will remain as PFZs.
2. Move CPL issuance to the Michigan State Police. County Clerk shall remain the point of application and issuance.
3. Reduce the price of CPL by $15 to $90. Fingerprints will not be required for a renewal. First time issuance shall get their fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency who may charge you up to $15 for fingerprinting. Net effect is a renewal will cost you $15 less.
4. Remaining PFZs (K-12 schools, hospitals, and churches) will be able to “opt-in” to allow people to conceal carry, much like what is available at present for churches.

The newly introduced bill will NOT (unlike SB 59):
1. Require any additional new training.
2. Compromise Open Carry

Michigan Open Carry, Inc. is proud to partner with Senator Green (Bill sponsor) and his office. We will be behind him, giving him the needed grass roots support.

This is good news as it will allow school to decide if they want to opt-in to allow CPL holders to carry. Also notice the lift on sporting arenas and bars. I do not drink but being able to carry when leaving a bar with my friends whom I DD for will be a blessing after the incidents here in Birmingham last year.

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