What does Sandy Levin say about guns?

The below message was sent to me by Sandy or Sander Levin of the 9th district in Michigan. It is less ridiculous then Carl Levin’s email to me but the fact is he is still anti 2nd amendment from what I can read here and no friend to those of us who support the 2nd.

Dear Mr. XXX:
Thank you for contacting me about efforts to reduce gun violence.  I appreciate you sharing your views with me.

I understand the concerns of gun owners and respect the deeply held traditions of hunters and sportsmen.  As you know, the Supreme Court affirmed in 2008—and again in 2010—that the Second Amendment protects a law-abiding individual’s right to bear arms.  The Court also said, in an opinion authored by Justice Scalia, that the Second Amendment does not protect “a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”  The opinion went on to list a number of sensible, presumptively constitutional firearm regulations.

The appropriate question for Congress and the American people is this: In response to the mass killings that have occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School; the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado; the supermarket parking lot outside Tucson, Arizona; and the college campus of Virginia Tech, what will our response be to this kind of violence in our communities?  These four shootings alone resulted in the deaths of 76 people, and injured 87 others.

I believe that our response has to avoid the two extreme positions that some have suggested; namely, that the government restrict the sale of all firearms, or, alternatively, that any new laws on gun control are out of bounds.

Recognizing that whatever action Congress takes will have to withstand Constitutional scrutiny, there are a number of commonsense steps we can take, including passing legislation that requires FBI background checks for all firearm purchasers—a step that, according to a recent poll, has the support of 92 percent of Americans, and was once supported by the NRA itself.  And as many people correctly suggest, I agree that more can be done to better enforce existing gun laws.

But new gun laws cannot be the entire response.  We need a comprehensive approach that also includes providing more resources to law enforcement; improving the safety of our schools; and increasing the quality of and access to mental health treatment.

Thank you again for contacting me on this important issue.
Sander Levin

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