Russians test out an RPG-7 against 16 inches of bulletproof glass (VIDEO)

Here in the U.S. we test bulletproof glass with stuff like 9mm and .50 cals. In Russia, they go a tad bigger. Like RPG biggger.

Russian testers brought in anti-tank gunner Dimitry with his trusty RPG-7 and, rolling that beautiful slo-mo footage, you see how the Ruchnoy Protivotankovyy Granatomyot-7, which is designed to go through up to 10 inches of rolled steel armor, does to 45 sheets of bulletproof glass.

Why? Because we guess RPGs are just randomly encountered in the former worker’s paradise so you might as well get rid of them somehow.

“Dos vedanya, Tovarisch!”

Cue Yakov Smirnoff joke in 3, 2, 1…


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