Run of limited edition Coonan .357 Magnum 1911s soon to end

Coonan Inc will cease taking orders for their limited-edition .357 Magnum Compact on June 30. If you were thinking about putting in for one of these premium made-to-order compact .357 Mag. 1911-style pistols, there are only a few days left to place your order.

Like all Coonan pistols they are not inexpensive starting at $1,535, but they are some of the more affordable high-end 1911 pistols — if you consider them to be 1911s. Unlike the iconic .45 these stray from the original design in more ways than one. They’re built on a full-length frame for added weight up front to control muzzle flip, a linkless barrel for a fully-supported chamber, a short hinged trigger and most notably, a completely different grip to accommodate the magnum revolver cartridge.

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But you can’t argue with the results, a semi-automatic handgun chambered for .357 Magnum in a package small enough for concealed-carry that shoots and handles like a 1911, and a classy one at that. These change are necessary to make this a beast of a carry piece that loads to the top with 6+1 rounds of .357 Mag.

In addition to the tweaks that make it tick with .357 Mag. the compact model has a few extra features that are nice to see on an everyday carry handgun, including Novak night sights, thin grip panels and a flat, bobbed grip safety. Coonan offers three base models, stainless with plain wanut grips, stainless with machined aluminum grips and with a black Duracoat finish and matching black aluminum grips.

The compact design does come with one caveat. Unlike the full-size models, it can’t be made to fire cheaper .38 Special ammo. The full size guns can shoot .38 SPL all day with a light recoil spring. Also, because Coonan builds these to order it can take a few months for delivery, but Coonan owners will tell you it’s worth it.

This may be the only time Coonan ever produces any models of this limited-edition variant, so if you were already inclined to get one, this is your last chance. To order one of these or any other Coonan handguns check out their website for more information.

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