Rudy Project Glasses – ImpactX™2

We first heard about ‘Rudy Project’ shades back in mid-2011, when our minion “Angry Dave” Agata of American Snipers declined a pair of a different brand of sunglasses for review. Dave said, “I have been using Rudy Project shades for almost nine months. Best shades I’ve ever used.” We were going to have him do a review, but life intervened and we eventually forgot. Rudy Project is going strong despite our absent-mindedness, however, so when we heard they released new products at SHOT 2015 we figured we’d pass the info along – especially because Tatiana Whitlock (another of our minions) wears ’em all the time.  Mad Duo

Rudy Glasses

According to the press release we received, Rudy Project (it’s an Italian “performance eyewear” company) has been in business since 1985. This makes them roughly half the age of strippers waitresses at Nancy’s Squat ‘n’ Gobble. Their latest innovation is something called ImpactX™2. It’s a new generation of photochromic lenses that don’t just lighten or darken, but also change color (red, black or brown) according to light conditions and your shooting needs (we’re not entirely sure what that means, but we’ll try to figure it out and explain further). Rudy Project shades can be built with prescription lenses, including bifocals, by virtue of digital surfacing on the back of the lens. Unfortunately, this technology won’t allow you to see through that sorority girl’s sundress. Yet.

Rudy Project Glasses 4 Rudy Project Glasses 5 Rudy Project Glasses 6 Rudy Project Glasses 8 Rudy Project Glasses 10

Rudy Project guarantees their eyewear will deliver the following:

Activation in all natural light, including behind surfaces which screen UV Rays such as windows or car windshields
More Temperature Stability, by up to 20%

Increased Photochromic Range with up to 65% higher performance

Higher efficiency UV ray absorption

High Dynamic Range Filters for eye popping lens clarity and perfect visual acuity.

There are a number of different styles and colors available. You can learn more about them here.
Rudy Project 1 Rudy Project 2 Rudy Project 3

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