Rock and roll with the Stoner 63 light machine gun (VIDEO)

Larry Vickers gets some trigger time with the sweet shooting belt fed Stoner 63, the classic light machine gun of the Vietnam-era Navy SEALs.A variant of Eugene Stoner’s short-lived but much-loved modular weapons system, the Stoner 63 (XM22/E1) allowed the end user to take the same receiver and make a rifle, short barreled carbine or, in the case of the gun Larry is spending some time with, a light machine gun. This latter version uses an inverted receiver and a 100-round belt held in an outsized plastic box mag to the left of the gun.

Designed back in 1961, unfortunately the Stoner 63 series never really caught on although the SEALs had them in their arsenals as late as the 1980s just in case.

Why would the frogmen chose to carry such a rare and eccentric weapon? Watch the video.

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