Review: Grey Ghost’s “Griff Pack”

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This…this is a badass pack.


 A few months ago a couple of our minions received a new backpack from Grey Ghost Gear (a member of JTF Awesome), and though they make solid, well designed kit we usually like, this one really stands out. The Griff Pack is named for a friend of the company, an Army NCO who was killed serving his country in Iraq in 2005. Honoring their friend who was regarded as a tough, versatile, and all around solid dude, GGG put a metric shit ton of effort (that’s a serious measurement) into designing a unique pack with those same attributes.

This really is a pack you’re going to want to look at.

The Griff Pack is currently offered in a soft, almost sage grey. Unfortunately we don’t know if there will be other colors or camos in the future. The pack is a little more sneaky in appearance then most other “tactical” day bags out you’ll find out there. Grey is of course the “new black” in the gear world (or should that be “the new FDE”?) It’s understandably a popular choice for those spending more time in urban environments than the woods (and so we’re clear, it’s been well regarded as a functional field color at least as far back as WWII). Featuring a large embroidered Griffon (the heraldic beast) in color matched grey thread, the bag looks like one you might see a college kid carrying to class.The day pack sized bag manages to be full of clever features without an overtly “I’ve got a gun on” Beardy McTactical appearance.


We will advise right off that the Griff is a little larger than your standard civilian backpack, hovering closer to military 3-day assault pack size. This is a welcome size increase in our eyes, allowing sufficient room for a weekend trip or flying light with just a carry-on. Starting on the outside face of the pack, there is a small zippered pouch with microfiber-like fabric liner. This small pocket is sized to fit your favorite shades or larger phone, and has a swiveling clip sewn to the top for stowing your keys. Immediately below the zipper is a color matched 3X5” velcro panel, which is pretty much the only aspect that suggests this bag wasn’t made for the above-mentioned common college kid – given the increasingly ubiquitous nature of morale patches, this is something we’re willing to overlook. Beneath the loop panel is a “D” ring a sewn strip of 1” webbing, which is tacked into four separate loops and is great for clipping a water bottle onto. 

Grunts: ubiquitous.



Inside the outer pocket you will find a series of pockets and dividers. We really liked the layout and found it to be the part of the pack we accessed the most frequently. With dual zippers, you can open the pocket nearly all the way flat to find your gear. The flap has 6 wide elastic loops to stow lights, magazines, TQs and other such items.



The pocket itself has four sewn in pockets and another swivel clip for your keys. GGG also added more loop Velcro to this area, to keep your favorite patches or hook and loop equipped gear handy. 


The next pocket, located in the middle of the pack, opens the entire length of the pack and serves as one large cargo area. This compartment has been backed completely with loop Velcro as well, and will haul just about anything. We managed to fit a lot of gear into it, including SBRs set up with folding stocks and an AR pistols. A large range of compact weapons will fit inside for quick access, or you can fill it with a set of spare clothes with room for your raincoat. 


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The last compartment is the one closest to your back, and hides two special access ports for a pistol. Located at the bottom corner of each side, there are wide elastic flaps hiding the entry to the compartment. Inside you can secure a Velcro-backed holster or tether your pistol with a Raven Concealment System’s Vanguard. With a little practice, we found it quick to access different handguns despite the initially awkward nature of it (and no real range time to build muscle memory). For those who cannot carry on their person, this might be the bag to consider. For those who don’t wish to use this feature, there are Velcro gates that secure the access port shut. Above the loop panel is another smaller zipper pouch, perfect for electric cables and a small notebook. This pocket complements the padded sleeve across from it, designed to haul up to a 17” laptop. Thick foam protects your electronics from either side, but it serves equally well as a pocket for a hydration bladder. Used in this role, your drink tube can be run out of the pack’s top via a concealed slit. 


Those of our wretched flunkies who’ve been hauling a lot of gear to the range, around the city and on the run across the country have all but fallen in love with the Griff. The wide shoulder pads and air-mesh back makes for comfortable carry, even with the pack loaded to the max. The design allows for every piece of your gear to have its own place, which makes finding it easier and helps you stay organized. With an impressive 1824 cubic inches of space, this pack shines regardless of how you use it. The sewing and design is top notch (as has been our experience with all Grey Ghost products). If you are in the market for a new pack for daily use, take a look at the Griff. It looks sharp and has a layout we think you’ll like. Check the Griff Pack out here, and comment below on your experience with Grey Ghost Gear. 

We’ll follow up with a longer term review and address its durability in a few months.

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