Review: Breach Bang Brad Brags on his Kühl Pants

Pants can occasionally be problematic with our crew. The minions not only argue frequently about which ones are the best, they often debate whether to wear them at all (which is still better than those occasions when Hernandez and Metzger insist on wearing capris). Anyway, there were several different types of britches at our recent class in Nebraska, among them were Vertx, Propper, 5.11, Arc’teryx, Beyond, Patagonia and Kühl. Here’s what Breach Bang Brad had to say about the latter. Mad Duo

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Kühl Pants – Skip the Bullshit and Get the Good Shit

Brad Walker

A few months ago I was cruising through my nearest AAFES PX (that’s Post Exchange for you hippies and MSNBC watchers) and spotted a new Kühl clothing display in the men’s department. I thought it was odd that the PX was carrying a higher-end brand like Kühl. Most U.S. Army PXs are filled with a paltry mix of Under Armor workout duds, Zoo York urbanwear and the ever-horrible Affliction bullshit. By the way, if you own anything made by Affliction, please take a few minutes to quietly step away and burn it, along with any Tapout merchandise and all those old military PT shirts that your lovely wife loves to sport to “mandatory” unit functions and the local Wal-Mart.

You know who you are.

We’ll take a knee and silently judge you while you fix yourself.

Good to go? Okay. Onward.

Much to my surprise and immediate excitement, they had a good variety of Kühl stuff from button up shirts and t-shirts to shorts and pants. I picked out a couple short-sleeve button ups, a pair of Khaki REVOLVR pants and a pair of Dark Khaki RYDR pants. My initial intent of buying these pants didn’t involve an article after the purchase, but extended lengths of wear and hours of training in them warranted a trip to the keyboard.

BLUF: They’re durable, comfortable and reliable.

I’ve made both pair a part of my everyday carry and have worn them casually to the local grocery store and nearby eateries. I’ve also run them through a gamut of drills at the range, most recently those developed by Will Petty for the Vehicle CQB class several of us attended at 88 Tactical. Needless to say they’ve gotten beaten up pretty good with no effect on performance.

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The REVOLVR pants are made of a lightweight technical fabric called Überkühl™; it’s composed of 74% cotton and 26% nylon. The material is really light and breathes well in hot conditions. The pants also feature articulated knee sections to give you better freedom of movement and the crotch is gusseted to help prevent the typical, not-so-pleasant overseas dismounted patrol crotch blowout like the one we all laughed about that time on day two when Merrill showed everyone his collection of chewed bubble gum.

The RYDR pants are a bit beefier. They consist of 98% combed cotton and a 2% spandex lightly brushed twill material. They too arrive standard with articulated knee joints and a gusseted crotch, but these seem a bit more like a winter pant that gives the wearer a more (as Kühl says) “lived-in look.” Although they are a heavier pant, they wear great in any temperature and provide ample room to move about and do not bind or pinch where some other brands do. These pants are also a great alternative to your old man’s Dockers for spiffier occasions like barracks weddings and such classier exotic dancing establishments as Nancy’s Squat’n’Gobble.

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The Good: They’re great pants, through and through. They’ve performed well through an array of conditions without fail. The prices are fair and range from $75 for the REVOLVRs to $79 for the RYDRs with a good selection of colors to suit your desires.

The Bad (and it ain’t much): They are relaxed fit pants, which is fine, however I personally prefer a little extra material around the lower leg and cuff to allow additional movement and separation from larger boots or shoes – more of a “boot leg” if you will. That said, Kühl has over 20 different styles of pants in the men’s collection, so there may be a pair in there that will fit my preferences. These are just my observations of the two particular pair of pants that were available to buy.

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So, what now?

There are a lot of great outdoor apparel companies out there pushing out some excellent products, so choose what works for you, your mission and your life. These are just my 2 cents and hopefully this will give a bit of insight for your next gear purchase.



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About the Author: Breach Bang Brad Walker is the Mad Duo’s Bureau Chief of the Dept. of Manly Shit. He’s a US Army Warrant Officer and combat veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq who may or may not be a part owner of Nancy’s Squat ‘n’ Gobble. Brad has written for numerous publications, including Breach Bang Clear,, RECOIL Magazine, Monderno and possibly The Advocate (though we neither ask nor tell). Not unexpectedly, Breach Bang Brad married way outside of his league (like, way out of his league) and he once broke his ass jumping on trampoline – true story. Hit a Tough Mudder or Carry the Load event and you might run into him.


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