Review: “Armadillo” covert pistol & laptop case from Hazard 4

This is the “Armadillo covert pistol and laptop case” from Hazard 4.



Over the last few months we have been using a neat case from Hazard 4, the Armadillo covert pistol case. Modeled after their Civilian® branded Radiator™ Mac Book 13” laptop case , the Armadillo is semi-rigid carrying case with a selection of different uses. The Armadillo is Thermoformed, with a distinct “Jerry can” rib pattern on both sides, reminiscent of military fuel jugs. The ribs add protection and takeaway flex to the light weight case. The ribs also elevate your computer, allowing airflow for computers with cooling fans. The company says that the Armadillo helps make for a more unassuming storage case, but since our sample was provided in their tan color, this is arguable. Since FDE/Coyote became the new “Tactical Black”, anything in these colors stands out as having a military appearance. This isn’t necessarily  a knock against the case, as we love earth tone gear over jet black. Just be aware of how your color choices make you appear to everyone that doesn’t own an AR-15. 


The case is 13.5” wide, and fits our 13” Macbook Pro just about perfect. The Armadillo serves well as a “grab and go” type case, as its very minimalist in design. The 3/4 double (lockable) pull tab zippers open easily to allow access to your computer. Its convenient as a travel case, allowing you to sling around your shoulder or neck on the move, but still have quick access for when a eureka moment strikes. The carry strap is detachable, and adjustable for little dudes as well as the big boys out there. We were surprised to find that when the case is looped over your neck and fully open, its possible to support the bottom edge against your chest and type while standing. For people that take their computer to the field, this might be a perk you will like. 


The dense foam construction, combined with the soft fuzzy liner feels like it would provide a lot of protection to your computer. However, we were not willing to do a drop test on concrete or really beat it up with our primary means of getting paid inside it! It has protected our computer perfectly well from normal use and travel though. One of our favorite things about the case is how little space it takes up in our day bags and carry-on. Thin and slick, it slide in and out of 3-day assault packs and message bags, even with other gear pushing against it. The soft liner turns out to be a great “patch panel” for storing your favorite morale patches on the move. We also found that buy adding a thin strip of adhesive Velcro to the outside bottom of the computer helps keep it where you want, centered in the case. Alternatively, you can add a strip to the top so that when you open the case, it also opens your computer for use. 



The case also has a small accessories section compartment, which is covered with a Velcro strip. This organizer compartment is great for storing USB drives , SD cards or a power adapter. Offered in both black and coyote, this case will fit most 13” screen computers or disguise a handgun with a few reloads when used with a Velcro backed holster. We did not use it as gun case as we liked it right off the bat for use with the computer and we have other cases for the gun-totin’ application. Overall, we really like this case and see its merit in a multitude of different applications. We really wish it was made in America, but it’s surprisingly well made for a product of China. Since we began to use this case, our computer has virtually lived in it, and will most likely continue to do so for the fore sable future. You can check out this, and other Hazard 4 products here on Amazon. 


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