RESILIENCE. And you grind and you grind. You sleep in the same shirt, and in the morning you put on the same pants. You don’t shower and you don’t shave, not because you don’t want to, it’s because you can’t afford a razor or a water bill. You eat meager food cooked in the crappy microwave and count your coins in order to pay for the next meal of ramen or rice. Toilet paper is a luxury. Your friends are unimaginative but you have dreams and they are greater than any agony you suffer from. You have dreams gained from pouring out into the city or wheat fields over a thousand dark nights, dreams you never shared with someone you loved while you did the grind, while you caught the bus and while you walked in the freezing cold to your home and your crappy bed. And you saved your tips, and you dreamed of getting out of there. Maybe the Marine Corps or the Coast Guard. Something, anything better than fast food and filthy shops. One day you’ll get older and likely be successful and maybe you’ll get rich and fat and eventually remember what you are now going through. Let’s hope you never lose that youthful and hopeful energy that will help you escape some dark tragic nights. Let’s hope in age that you keep the vigor, the strength and the quiet calmness of a focused, young man dreaming of a better life.

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