Rep. Harvey Santana Looking to "Review" Stand Your Ground Laws

The Detroit Free Press has released a story here (Detroit Free Press Article) related to recent comment by Representative Harvey Santana. Representative Santana is a Detroit Democratic representative  feels that after the last failed attempt to repeal the Stand Your Ground legislation that Michigan passed in 2006 it is time to re-open the conversation.
Detroit has been facing huge financial issues that leads to some of the worst response times in the country. Does Rep Santana really think he is serving his constituents by taking away their right to protect their family, property and themselves from ruthless criminals? The answer is an obvious NO. This is political grand standing along party lines that will do nothing but harm the very citizens that put him in office.

It is a pleasure to see the comments from Representative Jase Bolger who is stated as saying “legislators will continue to apply common sense so citizens can defend themselves”. He goes on to state that Representative Harvey Santana is free to propose this legislation for a committee review. My hope is that like other harmful bills that are designed to strip citizens of the right to protect themselves it will die in committee.
Please take a moment and contact your representative and remind him that Stand Your Ground is vital to the protection of those you love.

Harvey Santana traitor to the people.
Harvey Santana traitor to the people.
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