Reasons NOT to take Fighting Pistol at Tactical Response

Rev Takes Fighting Pistol

It’s been a while since I took Fighting Pistol at Tactical Response.

I’ve had plenty of time to process my experience. After consideration, the only reason you shouldn’t take Fighting Pistol is that if you do take the class, you may become less delusional about your abilities. If unfounded confidence is more important to you than wrestling with reality, you should stay home.

There are likely a number of training facilities out there that could push you into this recognition, but I’m not aware of one that will do so more rapidly.

I guess there could be one more relational reason to refrain from the Fighting Pistol experience; you may come home and scare the pee out of your significant other when you yell “STOP” after drawing your handgun to put away at night. Let’s be honest though, seeing your wife jump out her skin is pretty fun, and some of you jokers need some humorous excitement in your life.

James Yeager

Yeager gets plenty of heat for his somewhat controversial style, but before you take my opinion or someone else’s, why don’t you take the novel approach and develop your own opinion based on real-world experience?

He offers your money back at the end of every class, and you can walk away at any point during the class, so what do you really have to lose? I bet you won’t utilize either of those options. Better yet, I bet you’ll come away with a well-formed idea of what you need to do to become more prepared when defending yourself and those you love. Isn’t that worth a minor ego blow?

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