R&D with a .50 BMG bolt-action ‘pistol’ (VIDEO)

Hank Strange meets with Safety Harbor’s Walter Keller II who breaks out a a very dramatic range toy: a pistol-grip SHTF .50 BMG Pistol.

Safety Harbor is known for their Kompact Entry Gun: reworked Mossberg 500s and Remington 870s classed as an AOW with a $5 tax stamp and compact barrels that go all the way down to 7-inches in length.

Stepping up from their typical 12 gauge fodder, the SHTF .50 is a neat object with a 12-inch barrel, bolt action and left-side loading box magazine. For what it is, recoil isn’t that bad, though the abbreviated barrel drops your velo down a bit on the big .50 cal pill.

Why build one? Why not? File under, “This is everything I never knew I wanted.”

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2016/08/24/rd-with-a-50-bmg-bolt-action-pistol-video/

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