Raven Concealment Talks with Larry Vickers

What happens when you don’t show up for a court date? Just wondering–but let’s not focus on our poor decisions while in Vegas. Instead, let’s focus on the positives. Some of those positives are all the great things Raven Concealment showed at this year’s SHOT. We talked about the Freya mag well designed specifically for concealed carry, and the Balor mount that allows for simple installation of an RMR on your favorite blaster. Now let’s listen to Larry Vickers talk with Stony Smith about the signature series coming out of Raven.  – Mad Duo

After Shot: Raven Concealment Talks with Larry Vickers

Vickers Signature Raven Series

Interested combatants can take a gander at the whole signature collection from Raven right…over…here.

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