Raven Concealment Eidolon The Modular Holster

Available in Every Color and Model you want

Like Henry Ford, Raven makes the Eidolon in any color for every gun, as long as it’s a black holster for a Glock 17, 19 or 26. The G19 and G26 models that also fit their .40 caliber counterparts are open bottomed; the G17 model is a closed bottom.

In actuality for a holster, it does have several options.
• Right Handed
• Left Handed
• Soft Loops
• Over Hooks
• Basic Kit: Holster and Hooks of choice
• Advanced Kit: Basic plus all possible configuration hardware
• Agency Kit: Advanced kit with ambi-setup

Long Term Use

On_Body_4__87600.1427822700.1280.1280I have been wearing the Eidolon since before it was released to the public. After months is my primary go to holster for my G19 with the VG3 advanced being my quick grab and go solution.

It is more comfortable for all day usage than my other holsters and is one of the few that does not rub or catch me at some pressure point around the frame. Since we normally do a review on a holster over a 30 day period and this has been with me now for months I can say it has both held up and continued to be my favorite carry option through that time with the exception of the VG3 being much faster and easier to attach. Had I upgraded to the overhook model I likely would wear it even more.


It is a rugged unibody polymer construction that is highly configurable and incredibly comfortable. An MSRP from $59.99-$94.99 puts the Eidolon in line with other high-end Kydex holsters that offer a fraction of the configurability. If you want an IWB, AWIB holster for a GLOCK the Eidolon should be a holster you seriously look at.


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