RAK-1 AK-47 Trigger Pack from Century Arms

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RAK-1 AK-47 Trigger Pack from Century Arms
We had the chance to shoot some different AK-47 type rifles at SHOT show media range day 2015, particularly some made by Century Arms. All of the test rifles where equipped with their new RAK-1 enhanced trigger group. The trigger comes as a kit, with a newly designed “rounded” face hammer for smoother cycling and a replacement spring ideal for the configuration. Century Arms told us that the plan on replacing all their production guns in the future with this trigger, abandoning the popular Tapco G2. We shot several of their AK’s set up with the RAK-1, and were very impressed with the trigger. It actual felt like an improvement, comparable and possibly preferable to the G2. There is minimal take up as you begin to press the trigger, and the hammer is released with a very clean break. Many people choose an after market trigger to squeeze more accuracy out of the AK platform, and this would be a potential candidate for the job. Shooting steel plates and silhouettes set up at 100 yards, we observed the smooth pull and short reset of the RAK-1.

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Century Arms has had a spotty record with its consumers in the past, partially because of using surplus parts on their guns to keep prices low. They reassured us that that they are working on addressing these issues, and focusing in providing quality products that gain customer confidence. The rifles we shot all did so well, and as accurately as the platform can without custom modifications or optics. We were pleased with the performance of each test rifle, all which were having hundreds of rounds put through them through out the day. The RAK-1 is expected to be sold for under $50 bucks, and will be available soon. We are excited to see the new wave of AK parts and accessories being released by several manufactures. We witnessed a scary time post Sandy Hook, where AKs instantly became $1K guns overnight, and were very hard to find. With prices of different rifles back down to more reasonable prices, (along with mags and ammo!) things are starting to turn around for commie-gun lovers. You can check out Century Arms section on their website and expect a more thorough review of this trigger kit in the future as they become available.

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