Radian Raptor Limited Edition charging handle in MultiCam Black

Today I’m doing a quick review on the new Radian Raptor Limited Edition Multicam Black charging handle and ambidextrous safety selector. Radian put this limited edition bundle out at a higher price point than their other Raptor charging handles to support the 2nd amendment in Oregon. All proceeds went to organizing the Defend the 2nd Rally event held in Salem last month and additional proceeds will go towards future events.

The Radian Raptor charging handle has ambidextrous controls for charging with either the right or left hand and comes with a matching ambidextrous safety selector that can be manipulated with the thumb or finger. The cool part about the Talon safety switch is you can choose to install it with the 45-degree short throw or standard 90-degree configuration.

Kelin Ray is a Corrections Officer in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest specializing in man tracking and is a member of the Inmate Recovery Team. He is a former Field Artilleryman in the Washington Army National Guard and served in Iraq as a gunner for convoy security operations. In his free you can find him Tactical Live Action Role Playing with his friends as Batman.