PWS opens new online store

Precision small arms firm Primary Weapon Systems is now open for business, that is to say, direct business with the customer. At long last the company finally has an online store — before, if you wanted a PWS product, you had to turn to one of their distributors.

Of course they continue to work with their dealers, and by going through a third party, you will probably save yourself a little in the process. But for customers who cut the middlemen now the option to buy directly from PWS is on the table.

Buying straight from PWS also gives people another option for when their local or favorite online dealer is out of stock and a great way to get new products right when they’re launched. Plus buying from the manufacturer eliminates the risk of counterfeit fraud, as slim as it is.

Primary Weapon Systems has a well-earned reputation for quality components and complete rifles. While they’re commonly associated with piston-driven AR-pattern rifles, the company’s most popular product is also one of their simplest: the Flash Suppressing Compensator.


Departing from convent flash suppressor, muzzle brake or compensator designs, the FSC is top-flight muzzle control device. Used the world over by competition shooters and standard issue on FN SCAR rifles, the FSC anchors the muzzle in place without throwing big flashy fireballs left and right.

Another advantage of the FSC is that it can be used with Gemtech Halo suppressors. Primary Weapons Systems worked with Gemtech to make their FSC556 a functioning quick-detach mount for the Halo. Plus at a little under $100 it’s cheaper than a lot of comps and brakes that cost more and do less.

Buying straight from PWS also makes it easy for builders looking to upgrade or replace their current rifles with PWS components that were otherwise hard to get, such as their in-house medium contour barrels. Primary Weapon Systems makes a great barrel, offered in three carbine and pistol lengths, with a high-polish QPQ nitride finish. Their barrels are chambered for .223 Wylde and have a 1-in-8 twist.

They also have a full spread of KeyMod accessories to work with their handguards or any other manufacturer’s KeyMod rails.

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