Protect the Gun that Protects You with SlideBoot

How many of us have gotten to the range only to find a new nick or scratch on their handgun’s slide?  How about run out of space in a safe or range bag and had to stack handguns?  Slideboot by Sentry proposes a way to change that answer to zero.  This simple adaptation of 3mm-thick neoprene slips over your slide and protects with a stretchable soft layer.  Slideboot also protects from dust and dirt, be it sitting on a shelf or accidentally dropped when unloading your range bag.

It’s difficult to write about the Slideboot and not sound like an advertisement but for me it really has solved a problem.  Every weekend I go to the range and usually bring at least six handguns with me along with rifles and their respective ammunition. The problem has become finding a compact way to transport it all and not risk scratching the finish on our test guns.  I can wrap each of them, but then end up needing a lot of space. I could leave them in their factory cases, but that requires even more space.  Usually I find a way to balance them carefully in selective range bags and then carefully remove them once I get to the range after praying that I don’t have to make any sudden maneuvers on the drive.

Slideboot is available in four different sizes for pistols and three different sizes for revolvers. They’ve even made models appropriate for those who like optics on their handguns.  If you doubt that 3mm of neoprene is enough watch the video in which I toss guns atop one another without crying.  More information is available on Sentry’s website here.

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