Propper Gen Multipurpose bag review

The Gen Multipurpose Bag from Propper is a courier/messenger type satchel. We’ve been using one for a while now and figured we’d give you our opinion.

Propper, a legacy garment and equipment manufacturer for the military and private market most of you have already heard of, has been busy revamping things. Aside from proving their services to the military, they maintain and grow a large selection of products for the civilian market, from rugged outdoor and tactical nylon equipment to duty uniform wear for security and police. We have several minions using various pieces of their gear to see how it holds up.

Thus our Gen Multipurpose Bag trial. We’ve been taking it out as a range bag, computer case and general hold-all for overnight trips. Set up in a briefcase sized format, the bag offers a wide range of features that separates it from a regular “tactical” attache case. Our case was specifically chosen in basic black, since so many standard courier bags, attaches, soft brief cases and other civilian bags are offered in this color. Absent of outer MOLLE loops and military-style features, this multipurpose bag is subtle when viewed by non-gunners and the common citizen. We like that aspect, and figured it would make a great everyday bag for a variety of applications.

No point letting all and sundry know you’re carrying a blaster (whether on-body or off-) or a bag full of ballistic goodness.


The bag features a large, main compartment which will easily fit a change of clothes and a laptop computer. Attached with Velcro to the bottom, this compartment also has a removable divider which is set up with a “loop” panel to add hook style accessories. The bag comes with a universal holster which fits most service and mid sized handguns as well as an elastic strip to carry spare magazines. They can be positioned in a variety of ways. The holster and mag strip can be set up deep in the bag for concealment or positioned near the top for quick deployment. With the Velcro loop decider the user can configure these and other accessories to their ideal position.




On the outside of the main compartment, the bag features two large compartments running the width of the bag. With one zippered compartment on each side, there is additional room for power cables, ammunition, even a pair of shoes. The compartments have smaller dividers sewn into the backside, allowing the user to organize small items like notebooks, tablets, pens, electronics, etc.



On each end of the bag you will find the smaller compartments, one running the height of the bag and ideal for a water bottle, and two smaller zippered compartments on the opposite end. The smaller compartments are ideal for loose rounds, energy bars and other small items such as a key ring.


The Gen Multipurpose bag has plenty of room and dividers to keep your personal or work items organized and secure, all while offering the option of carrying your duty or CCW pistol at the ready. Constructed of heavy nylon, the key stress points are double stitched and re-enforced where necessary. With two carrying straps for your hands, Propper has added a long adjustable shoulder strap for on the body carry. The size, shape and rugged construction make this bag perfect for a number of daily EDC/EDR uses, including keeping your gear at hand in your cruiser. A great civilian application would to make it your vehicle bailout bag, loaded with spare ammo, batteries, and medical items in case of an emergency.

Key Features:

Rubber molded zipper pulls
Rugged nylon construction
Heavy duty large zippers
Easy-access dual zipper opening with tapered grab handles
Non-slip, removable shoulder strap and pad
Two adjustable hook and loop retention straps mounted on the exterior for an umbrella or flashlight
Exterior ID holder and Exterior loop field for patches
Comes with removable divider with loop-facing liner that includes a 3-Channel Organizer and Adjustable pistol Sleeve which accommodates most handguns


Overall, the Gen Multipurpose bag is exactly what the name suggests, a great all around general purpose bag to carry just about anything. It is discrete enough for use on the street, but features enough compartments and pockets to retain usability and provide organization and modularity. As far as downsides, the bag has few. There will be some who don’t care for the included universal holster, but that’s easily rectified, and it could be argued that it’s a little over-built, with the heavy weight nylon (1,000d) and strapping. This might not be a true negative, since it will ensure a long service life. The bag could also go without the external Velcro panel, since that’s not a common feature on civilian bags and makes it stand slightly out as “different”. Lastly is the branding – they’ve put PROPPER on the outside of the bag (understandably), which for a few quibblers might be too much of an identifier. Despite Propper’s historical association with LEOs and the military, we think that’s a prevarication at best, but figured we’d at least bring it up.

Grunts: prevarication.

The same goes for color choices, though with slightly more justification. It would be nice to have some more options than black, coyote and OD green for those looking to use the bag in more “sneaky” applications, though this might not apply to the vast majority of users. Regardless, the Gen Multipurpose bag is just about perfect for everything we have been using it for and thus far it’s held up well to regular daily use. We’re are confident it would be a great addition to your loadout. You can check out the bag here, and find it for sale from any Propper dealer. If you already have one, we would love to hear your experience with the bag, and how you employ it.

If you want to pick one up, check it out here. They retail for $149.99. You can also find Propper on Facebook.


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