Prepare Now for a Better Deer Season with Advantage Blinds

The steps you take in the Spring, can make a huge difference in what kind of deer season you have next fall. And one of the best ways to improve the odds of success next season is to install Advantage Whitetail blinds this spring.
Advantage Whitetail blinds are sturdy, hard-sided blinds that can be placed on the ground or in an elevated position, depending on what works best for the terrain. They hide you and your movement and smell from the deer, and allow you to hunt out of the wind and rain for longer, more comfortable days in the field. They are also faster and easier to get into than traditional tree stands.
Spring scouting can help you get a sense of how the deer on your property got through the winter and how they are using your property. In many cases, defined habitat features – creeks, ridgelines, fence lines, roads, agricultural fields – influence deer travel patterns.
Identify where the deer are and how they move from bedding areas to food sources to help figure out the best stand sites. Once you do that, Advantage Whitetail Blinds can make your hunting both more effective and more comfortable.
The Advantage Whitetail blinds also give you considerable flexibility, whether you want to hunt on the ground or from an elevated position.  They come in a 2-man version with 25 square feet of floor space. But if you want more space, you can opt for the 45-square-foot, 4-person Condo version.
Whitetail blinds provide a carpeted, level, pressure-treated floor and a rain- and wind-proof structure. You are more comfortable than when you are exposed in a tree stand, and can therefore hunt longer, harder and more effectively.
You also have a 360-degree view of the area you are hunting, thanks to Advantage’s tinted polycarbonate windows that flip up out of your way for a shot. They close against a gasket to keep scent tight. In addition to the shooting windows on all sides of the blind, there are corner inset windows that allow for easy 360-degree viewing without the hunter having to lean forward or backward to see around a corner post.
You can see the deer, but they can’t see you.
And because the blinds are virtually maintenance free all season, they help minimize the amount of human disturbance that occurs in your prime hunting spots.
This spring plan to make your upcoming deer seasons better and more comfortable with Advantage Whitetail Blinds.

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