Police recover possibly the worst attempt at a homemade gun, ever

Australian police apparently are having a problem with what one California lawmaker would term ghost guns, only they are more junk and less gun.

To quote the Daily Telegraph, “Record numbers of homemade guns made from materials easily sourced at local hardware stores are hitting the streets, with teenage boys in the city’s southwest and outlaw bikie gangs the prime market.”

And man oh man did they crack a sad by publishing first, about the cheesiest gun they could find– likely changing the grading curve for underground DIY zip gun makers all over the continent– but then compounded their Foster’s worthy picture with a diagram that looks as if a team of koalas worked on it all through the night. Seriously, do they not have pop tarts in Australia?


Paging Sen. De Leon, your flight for Sydney is boarding now.

[ The Daily Telegraph ]

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