Plans moving forward for Chris Kyle memorial

Odessa, Texas is raising funds and input in their effort to build a planned 2,800 square foot Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza.

The memorial to Navy SEAL and American Sniper Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle will be adjacent to the Veterans’ Clinic on the property of Medical Center Hospital in his birthplace city. A granite walkway will be cut from Texas limestone and shaded by oaks drawn from former President George W. Bush’s ranch.

“The paving will be inlaid with three tridents, the weapon of the mythical Greek god of the oceans, Neptune and one of the symbols of the SEAL community,” reads the description by the Odessa Chamber of Commerce who have raised $175,000 so far and have been working with Kyle’s family.

At the center of the memorial will be a statue of Kyle crafted by western sculptor Vic Payne depicting the marksman in his typical uniform while deployed downrange to include his iconic Texas Longhorns ball cap and sniper rifle.

[ Odessa Chamber of Commerce ]

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