Photo Friday: Winchester Model ’94 (pre-’64)

Photo Friday: Winchester Model '94 (pre-'64) -
The .32 Winchester Special (left) as compared to the 5.56 NATO (right) round.

One of my favorite firearms is a rifle bequeathed to me by my grandparents that was originally purchased as a hunting rifle by my late great grandfather. I cherish it for the sentimental value it holds, but it’s also a great shooter and always a pleasure to take to the range. The rifle I’m referencing, pictured here, is a lovely lever-action, the Winchester Model ’94. My great grandfather originally purchased the rifle in 1954. He originally intended to use it (and did—often) as a hunting rifle, and decided the .32 Winchester Special model would suit him best. Now that the Winchester is in my possession, I don’t take it out to hunt quite like my great grandad did, exactly, but I do still enjoy the pop of the .32 Win Special cartridge. As it turns out, it’s a great round for dispatching dinos (to see what I mean, check out the vid embedded above).

Photo Friday: Winchester Model '94 (pre-'64) -
My great grandad’s favorite lever action, the Winchester Model ’94 (pre-’64) still packs a wallop.

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