Pheasent with Honey and Ginger

This recipe was recently published by a good English bloke I met on twitter.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter  and check out his blog for more recipes.

Honey, lime and ginger Pheasant
Honey, lime and ginger pheasant

This is the first recipe I produced for the “Old Gits Society”  (a group of semi-retired, semi-alcoholic loveable rogues in need of a good solid meal every few weeks). They’re based in Wivenhoe, where I find myself living with my new wife, our two dogs, Feathers the falcons and my hawk, Mr Donk most of the time, and it went down a treat.
Take your plucked and dressed pheasant (this works just as well with guinea fowl and chicken, if, like me, you are now out of frozen pheasant from last season). Take the breasts off, and the legs and thighs as whole joints. Try to take as much meat of the carcass as possible (you could keep this for making stock later).
Heat a frying pan and brown off the meat (with a little salt and pepper). This is not the cooking stage, so keep it fast and hot.

Lay the browned-off pheasant pieces in a ceramic baking dish, then squeeze the juice of 6 large limes over it, along with a good thumb (1oz/24g) of finely chopped ginger and pour 4tbsp (around 5oz/120g) of honey over the meat. Turn the pheasant a few times to make sure it is properly coated. Then place the dish in a pre heated oven at 220c / 428F or the middle of the top oven of an aga for approximately 35 mins, until it is cooked through (no pink meat).
Remove from oven and pour the cooking juices into a small pan.
Reduce this pheasant juices over a low heat to intensify, and then thicken the juices with a little cornflour (around a teaspoon) and drizzle this over the meat.
This dish is best served with a good, full-bodied red wine and plenty of seasonal veg – I love it with a rich buttery mashed potato.
It’s simple and tasty, so give it a go.
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