Pentagon goes full Dos Equis with OPSEC message (VIDEO)


The Department of Defense’s Joint Information Operations Warfare Center decided to unleash the “The Most Secure Man in the World” to get the troops on point when it comes to OPSEC.

Operations security (OPSEC) is a slice of military jargon that gets a lot of play these days. It a term that basically boils down to any information that can be obtained by an enemy that would make an attack, be it physical or cyber, easier to accomplish. For instance, posting the details of an upcoming maneuver on your Facebook page, or setting your computer password to “12345” would be a good example of poor OPSEC (or PERSEC, which is the same thing only dealing with personal identifying information.)

To keep the troops on their toes, the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center– the military’s full time information security unit, put out the above video modeled off a certain famous beer campaign to help give an example to live by.

Our favorite part: the portrait with the pixelized eyes. So subtle you almost miss it.

Stay secure, my friends.

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