Packing For The Range: Go Modular

You arrive at the range, ready for some relaxation with a favorite shootin’ iron, and as you start to set up you realize that you have forgotten a critical accessory. Or, perhaps, you get settled into a shooting session and suddenly something comes loose on your gun, and you find yourself without the simple tools needed to get you back into action. Sound familiar? If you are also one of the many shooters who must travel an hour or more to your range, events like these can ruin an entire day.

On the other hand, we gunnies can drown in our toys. Some of us have a gadget for every contingency, and we never leave home for the range without enough stuff to nearly break the axles on our truck. These guys often minimize their range trips simply because it takes so much time and effort to load and unload their shooting plunder.

Fortunately there is a happy medium that balances the need to deal with minor issues at the range and looking like Theodore Roosevelt’s expedition to the Amazon. Modern guns have gone modular, meaning that one can remove and replace modules within the gun to address a particular shooting need. The concept isn’t all that new, but implementing it in our shooting activities hasn’t caught on as quickly as it might.

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