One Piece Adaptive Magwell from Lancer Systems


Several of our minions have been fans of Lancer Systems since they released their original L5 magazine years back. But they make more than just magazines. Mad Duo

One piece Adaptive Magwell from Lancer Systems

Lancer Systems has a lot of new products hitting the market, some of which are a unique family of magazine well adapters for the M-16/M4/AR-15 family of firearms. You might recall our article a few months back where we gave an overview of the company. We had the opportunity to see the pre-production versions of their Adaptive Magwell at Lancer’s facility and have since secured a sample to evaluate. 


Lancer Systems originally developed a suite of detachable magazine wells for their popular L30 rifles. The system used for the L30 is fairly simple, and was built specifically for their Mission Configurable Lower Receiver. Essentially their lower receivers are slotted to receive different-sized magazine wells, based of the user’s preference and application. The magazine well extensions for the L30 come in three sizes: a standard sized magwell, and what Lancer calls competition, and tactical. 


Basically Lancer took the adaptability of their special receiver and applied it directly to the standard AR-15 lower. While developing the Adaptive Magwells, concern rose that making a universal model might not work properly with the plethora of lowers on the market. For this legitimate consideration, Lancer developed two versions of their enhanced magazine well.  The solution was a two piece design, which is fine tuned to ensure a tight and secure fit for your particular lower. This product is currently on the market and attaches in a few minutes with an allen wrench. Lancer also wanted a model for standard-spec lowers, such as the classic M-16 /M-4 military rifles and most forged AR-15 rifles made over the last thirty-some years.Both are machined from 6061 T6 aluminum billet at their Pennsylvania factory. 

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