Notch Gear the Evolution of Hats

We get approached here at 248shooter on a regular basis from new companies looking to get products out to the general public. Many times the product that gets brought to us is an over reaching solution to a problem that did not really exist. In most of these cases we do not review the product. What we have found traditionally is the best products are the ones that really are just a small tweak to the way things have been done before. 9 out of 10 when we look at it my business partner and I say dammit why didn’t we think of that? Notch takes the cake for the best why didn’t we think of that product! That’s why when we came across this issue we reached out to them for a chance to see what they are all about.

The Problem
You like to wear baseball style hats but you wear glasses, shooting glasses, or sunglasses and as such can not fit the hat like you want. You are either forced to rest the brim on the top of your glasses creating a downward pressure on your ears and nose or keep the hat up higher on your head reducing the sun blocking advantages of the brim.

The Solution
A tiny piece of soft plastic that feels almost like rubber creating a notch on either side of the hat brim.

The Result
The single most comfortable hat ever made for those that wear glasses. Not only does this allow you to get the full benefit of your hats brim but it also creates a backpressure on the glasses. This back pressure pushes the glasses onto your face. It adds no downward force and will actually assist in keeping your shooting glasses in place when maneuvering or during large amounts of kick from larger caliber guns.

Example of Notch Typhon Hat with sunglasses
Example of Notch Typhon Hat with sunglasses

About the Company
Paul the owner and creator of  Notch is a former Marine who never felt comfortable wearing his baseball caps with shooting or wrap around sunglasses. In an effort to solve the problem instead of just complaining (you know the attitude that separates marines from most of us) he devised a plan of creating a space in the brim to allow for sunglasses. Paul developed the technology and design needed to get a utility patent pending for the unique cutout they have created. With this Notch was born and we rejoice.

Launched in March of 2013 this company has been growing in leaps and bounds. Due to the necessity of safety glasses in the shooting sports Notch has found a niche (pun intended) in the tactical, sporting and hunting sectors.  Once you get your hands on this hat it is easy to see why.

The Options
Notch makes 2 different styles of hats. Notch Classic A-Flex fitted hats and the less expensive adjustable options.

The A-Flex fitted hats come in  5 colors which include

  • Black
  • Royal (Blue)
  • Navy/White 2 tone
  • Camo
  • Typhon

The Adjustable currently come in a Grey and a White offering.

Rumor has it the line will be seeing expansion in both type and color in the near future. Keep your eyes out for some cool new options which are rumored to include an Operator morale patch friendly version.
Why buy from Notch
From a safety stand point the ability to pull your hat low down on your face allows you to also reduce the chances of a hot shell casing hitting your forehead or sneaking behind your glasses.

If a USA assembled and developed hat (raw hat comes from China) that keeps your glasses on your face, increases safety, allows you to reduce sub glare and is  made by a former marine was not enough for you, well then hold on to your hats (yeah I know the puns are getting excessive).  Check out this snippet from their website.

Notch was also founded on the principle that it is better to give than it is to receive.  So for every hat you purchase, you provide 5 meals for hungry children here in the US and abroad through our partner, Children’s Hunger Fund.  You can get more information about them by clicking on their link at the bottom right of our home page.

So for every hat you purchase that ranges from $23-$27 you get the best shooting hat imaginable and you provide 5 meals for hungry families. Talk about a great way to feel good both physically and emotionally.

Due to the partnership they have with CHF and the incredibly low price offered on fitted hats they only offer a single discount. People who like them on Facebook and buy directly from their Facebook page will receive a 5% discount.

Example of Notch hat
Example of Notch hat

Notch Men’s Classic Baseball Cap L/XL Camo
Notch Men’s Classic Baseball Cap L/XL Black
Notch Men’s Classic Baseball Cap Adjustable One size fits most Grey/Black