North Carolina police department goes Sig P320

The Hight Point, North Carolina, police department has selected the Sig P320 as its newest service pistol. The latest of Sig’s polymer-framed designs, the P320 is their first striker-fired handgun that’s quickly become one of the most recommendable platforms for duty, home protection and concealed carry.

High Point brass listed the gun’s modular design as a major appeal. Any P320 fire control unit — the internal frame, trigger and fire control component — can be reconfigured, with the appropriate conversion kits, into any P320 size option, including Full Size, Carry, Compact and Sub Compact.

“The Sig Sauer P320 is a pistol designed with law enforcement in mind,” said HPPD Chief Marty Sumner. “The features and modular design allow this pistol to be fitted to each shooter for comfort of grip and change of assignment. Since the serial numbered frame can be dropped into several configurations, it makes this one pistol for all assignments.”


With the P320 the uniformed officers can carry full-size handguns while plainclothes and off-duty police have the option of converting their duty pistols to sub-compacts for concealed-carry. The P320 has other features that make it suitable for duty as well.

One of the most important elements of marksmanship is trigger control and the P320 has a very nice trigger. It’s lighter than many other older designs with a very predictable break and assertive reset. Another important aspect is trigger finger placement and hand fit, which the P320 addresses with its interchangeable grip modules in small, medium and large.

The P320 is also lefty-friendly with its ambidextrous slide stop levers and reversible magazine release. And unlike several other striker-fired service pistols the trigger doesn’t have to be pulled during disassembly, eliminating one threat of negligent discharge.

Sumner, who is also a firearm instructor with over 20 years of experience, was not alone in choosing the P320. The department brought in officers for live-fire testing and shooting drills and for 85 percent of them the P320 was their first pick.

One thing that goes unmentioned is that the P320 is also competitively priced. For of the P320’s premium features it’s a very affordable pistol. While we don’t know what rates the HPPD got P320s are available on the commercial market starting in the low- to mid-$400 range and with factory night sights for about $100 more.

“We know that the SIG P320 can fit any need it’s asked to fill, for law enforcement as well as civilian use,” said Tom Jankiewicz, vice president of law enforcement sales for Sig. “The validation we receive from departments such as the High Point Police reinforces the superior design of this pistol.”

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