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The only kind of learning which significantly influences behavior is self-discovered or self-appropriated learning – truth that has been assimilated in experience. – Carl Rogers

Dry fire training is very important.  In rifle marksmanship, it is critical to break the trigger without disrupting the sights.  You can’t learn this from a book or a class.  You have to figure some things out things for yourself.  This can take thousands of rounds and days on the range.  If you dry fire, how do you know if you moved the gun?  In the 21st century, we will do this with frickin’  AR rifles with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ bolts.  That’s right, laser beams.

I use my SIRT pistol just about every day.  When I heard that Next Level Training guys were going to make a dry fire trainer for the AR-15, the SIRT-AR Bolt; I pre-ordered and pre-paid.

Next Level Training claimed that by replacing your bolt carrier with the SIRT-AR Bolt you could train with a self resetting trigger that activates a laser fired down the barrel of your rifle.  You use your upper, your optics, and your lower.  Simply open the rear takedown pin, remove your bolt carrier, insert the SIRT-AR Bolt and trigger bar and you are ready to train!   I wanted some of that.

After a long wait, the FEDEX package came and the adventure began.  I don’t feel it is unmanly to admit that I had to actually read the instructions on this one.  The trigger bar takes a little finesse to adjust and install, but there are great videos on the website.  Anyone who can disassemble an AR can install the SIRT-AR bolt.  Zeroing is simple and you can match the laser to your sights and optics.

Pro-Tip:  Clean your AR before you install the SIRT-AR bolt.

Here is their video:

When I first heard about this, I wondered how they made the AR trigger reset.  The answer is simple, they don’t.   The reset takes place inside the SIRT Bolt.

There are three main parts to this creature, the bolt, adjustable link pin and the lower receiver guide block.  The guide block attaches with magnets to the trigger bar next to the selector shaft.  The adjustable link pin connects the trigger and the SIRT Bolt.  The link pin has a trigger foot piece that is designed to straddle the trigger bar to ensure a positive contact.

Thw SIRT-AR works with standard AR triggers.  If you have a different trigger, there is a video on the NLT web site to help you with a custom installation. It is NOT compatible with an AR or M-4 with a full auto selector.

I was a little disappointed.  I expected the excellant trigger performance of the SIRT pistol.  While it is better than racking the bolt between shots, the SIRT-AR doesn’t have the feel that your actual  trigger reset does.  It is a great tool for getting shot feedback for sight offset on near targets and barricade  shooting.  You can do some weapons manipulation   such as multiple target transitions, but because you can’t cycle the bolt, you can’t practice magazine changes from the open bolt.  It is great for presentation shots and   transitions from rifle to handgun.

It  is a good way to practice support side shooting and weapon transfer to  support side without a bunch of range time and a ton of ammunition.  When you do go to the range, you are way ahead and you can train those tasks better done by live fire.  With the green laser, you can train  outdoors, even in bright sunlight.

I also plan on using it to teach.  I see it as a great training aid for barricade shooting and teaching rifle positions.  The ability to indicate hits with an inert weapon is great value added.

SIRT-AR Bolt GREEN Laser Pro $199

SIRT-AR Bolt RED Laser Student $139

It is made in America and takes readily available CR123 batteries.

If you figure the price to the ammo you aren’t shooting,  you pay for this pretty quick.  Dry   fire is important.  This is a great tool for sight offset and position shooting.    It is not a replacement for trigger reset drills.  I highly recommend it for the things it does well.

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Photos courtesy of Next Level Training

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