New means of survival signal: “Rescue Me Balloon.”

Been following a lieutenant with a compass? Forget to wear your reflective belt? We have something for you.


As you guys know, we are all about supporting the little guy. We firmly believe in supporting American innovation and industry. So occasionally we peruse Kickstarter, looking for good ideas that need help. We think we have found just such a company with the Rescue Me Balloon.” The concept is pretty straight forward. It’s a small, lightweight, user deployable balloon that is deployed in an emergency, signaling the need for assistance. 


With aerial flares you are limited to a short burn and only as many flares as you can carry. Sometimes people miss the opportunity to signal with them, and other times they are launched but completely missed by the rescue party. The same holds true for hand held flares, which share a short burn time and limited visibility. Smoke, sea dye, and whistles all share the same problem as flares: the user has to perceive rescue and make the decision to use their limited resources when they deem fit. If you are asleep at night when a plane flies by, you might not wake to shoot a flare. If you are foraging for food in the woods, you might have left your smoke signal at camp. With these limited options, the idea arose to a passive means of signal which can be deployed immediately upon finding yourself in trouble. 


The kickstarted project features a 6” canister about 2” in diameter, so its small and light enough to be carried even on day hikes. It’s simple and effective. Once you discover that fate is not on your side, simply deploy the signal balloon and resume your survival tasks. Once deployed, the balloon will reach a height of 150 feet. Large enough to be spotted by low flying planes and helicopters during the day, it will also blink “SOS” for a full week with the balloon’s on board beacon. With the deployed balloon beacon deployed, observers from distance and near by aircraft will have the ability to see the large district shape, flashing SOS, or the reflective/glow in the dark markers. The innovative signal device can be clipped onto your gear for handy carry, or onto your person/pack/raft/lifejacket after being deployed. 


The deployed signal will reach far above tree tops, and give nautical survivors a huge advantage in distance. The name of the game in survival is getting found fast, and to do that you need to draw attention. The company also has plans for a “recreation” version, which could be used for fun or to celebrate parties. We see merit in it potentially being used to lift an antenna wire for radio/GPS signal as well. Head over to kickstarter and let us know what you think. We want these guys to hit their goal so we can give the “rescue me” balloon a review, and determine how well it would work in the field. It could be a real leg up in survival, and a potential life-saver in some situations. Check it out, sponsor if you think it’s a good idea.

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