New from Propper: the UC Pack


Propper International has released a slew of new products for Spring, including a modular “UC Pack.” Inspired by the USMC FILBE, the UC Pack is designed to be modular inside and out. Numerous PALS loops for MOLLE attachment and wide interior Velcro fields inside allow the user to fine-tune his/her load carriage to suit the needs of the moment. Not too awfully coincidentally, Propper will be releasing a metric shit ton1 of modular pouches, pockets and accessories to be used in that very fashion. These will include a 4 x 7 Reversible Pouch, several sizes of organizer panels, a stretchable “dump pocket“, etc.


The U.C. Pack will initially be available in the standard black, green and coyote. We’re hoping they do something in a more low profile chiaroscuro for those of you who’re gay for gray (and please God one in woodland!) but Amy refuses to answer our calls when we’ve been drinking so we haven’t actually talked to her in months.

Propper UC Pack

Grunts: chiaroscuro.

Now, some people won’t like a pack like this but we’re looking forward to getting our hands on them for a review – though if you’re the reader who wins our newsletter giveaway you’ll actually have one in your possession before we do. For more on the Propper Spring lineup, check out this recent blog post. You can get more details on the U.C. Pack here.

Retail is $109.99, but we’re going to be giving one away to one of our newsletter subscribers in the next “issue”, so maybe you should finally get around to subscribing?


1That’s actually just a guesstimation, we’re not sure of the exact number. For you guys in the U.K. that’s shit tonne.

More to follow.

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