New Blade from Skallywag Tactical

Knives are like blowjobs.  You can secure one from countless sources, but mediocrity runs rampant…  until you get one from a true professional.  Then you not only want to tell everyone about your exceptional find, but you want it in your life ALL THE TIME.  While we’re not dumb enough to tell you our source(s) for both, we are excited to brief you on Skallywag Tactical’s new blade, the Pathfinder. This is a knife you’ll want to keep close.

(Do note: we’ll take slipshod fellatio any day of the week.)


If you haven’t heard of Skallywag Tactical, we feel sorry for you (it’s probably Facebook’s fault for blocking everything manly and badass).  Skallywag Tactical is a veteran-owned skunk works shop that manufactures precision, American-made knives.  Staying true to their roots, Skallywag offers a 10% discount to Mil/LE/SAR. Use code “USMIL” at checkout.


Pathfinder specs are:

-Profile is CNC milled from a billet of CPMS35vn, Hand ground and in house heat treated and tempered.

-Finish is Cerakote Black or FDE

-Scales are 3D milled from Black Linen Micarta. Thicker in the palm of the hand and textured for best retention.

-Comes with Tactical Tailor Sheath with belt loops and leg strap.

-Length: 11.75″

-Blade: 6.0″

-Thickness: 3/16″

-Weight: 0.65 Lb.

-MSRP $390.00


To get more Skallywag in your life, check out their website and Facebook.

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