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SureFire has a new Scout WML that runs on AAs instead of lithiums; that makes us happier than a rapper with a new gold tooth. In fact, we’ve been cajoling our friends at SureFire (including Carlson, who looks like a nerdy Jason Bourne assassin) to do this and give us one for a while. Looks like they listened to us… Mad Duo

Grunts: cajole.


Over the years flashlight technology advanced in leaps and bounds, and the driving force for many of these improvements can be traced directly back to SureFire LLC.

SureFire has been making weapon illumination tools since many of our current troops were fighting in sandboxes with GI Joes, and have been quick to update their designs when new technology becomes available. Today’s SureFire lights are a far cry from their early models, when 60 lumens was considered bright as the noonday sun and one hour of burn time was acceptable. This past week the company released a highly-anticipated addition to its family of combat-proven designs; the popular Scout weapon light will now be offered in AA battery configurations. There are a lot of advantages to this new option.


The new M600 AA battery Scout light is set up to grab a small section of standard issue picatinny rail with its adaptable mount. The CR123 version of this light has become a favorite of military, LE and civilian shooters the world over, and will likely become even more popular in the more commonly available and economically priced AA. With the ability to use both AA lithium or AA alkaline batteries, the new M600 AA Scout Light will keep your weapon light combat ready, regardless of the locale.

“The M600 AA’s ability to be powered by two separate types of batteries is a key element to its anticipated success,” said SureFire Product Manager Chris Skahill. “For optimal performance, AA lithiums can be used. But it can also be powered by AA alkalines, which are more readily available and usually easier to find, particularly in remote or rural areas.”

This is an important note for those using such lights in countries where the more traditional CR123 can be hard to find. It also has value to those that hunt extensively at night, or regularly train in low -light conditions. It has equal appeal to small-budget organizations, such as underfunded police departments where sourcing expensive batteries can be a real issue.


According to SureFire, when powered by two quality lithium AAs the new M600 AA’s LED head generates a maximum output of 200 lumens and produces tactical-level output for up to 3.75 hours on a single set of batteries. This is impressive output and a great run time! The downside is that the output and runtime from two AA alkaline batteries is approximately one-third that from lithium AAs. This reduced output/runtime is arguably no big deal, based off the convenience of using these easier-to-find and often less-expensive batteries (particularly in faraway shit holes at the very end of the logistics tail). We would personally use cheap bulk packs of alkaline AAs for training and screwing around night hunting hogs. But to get the best output and runtime we’d use lithiums, particularly if we are going to roll into harm’s way with it on our blasters.

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The M600 AA is constructed from the same lightweight aerospace aluminum as its CR123 brothers, and is hard anodized with a Mil-Spec finish for added durability. The new Scout Light can be easily activated via its momentary-/constant-on click-type tailcap switch, or via several remote plug-in tape type switches. Like everything SureFire makes, the M600 isn’t cheap but definitely has the brand’s long-established quality. The M600 Scout can be yours at an MSRP of $299.00 and is available now.

We like AA LED flashlights, and have been awaiting SureFire’s entry into the AA weapon light market for a while now. We look forward to writing a thorough review and comparison of the M600 as soon as we get out dirty geardo hands on some. Meanwhile, check the new light out here on SureFire’s website, and let us know in the comment section about your personal experience with the Scout family of lights.

SureFire AA Scout Now Available

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