Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault CL Pack

The top flap contains 2 separate pockets. There is a larger main cargo area which is lined with mesh and accessible from the top and zips closed. There is also a smaller zip close pocket to carry smaller items such as wallets or medication which is mounted on top of the main flap.

One of my favorite features of this pack, which is duplicated by almost every other assault/3 day pack manufacturer, is the  3-ZIP design for easy, rapid access to the interior. This was a nemesis for those of us with the old Army ALICE packs. In the days of Special Operations work with full “mission” rucks that carried everything we needed for multiple day patrols. There was always that one time you needed something buried in the bottom of that “Green Tick” at the most inopportune times like the middle of the night during a long movement. This is alleviated by the long zipper that runs from the top flap all the way down to the bottom. Makes getting anything in the bottom a breeze. Again, my absolute favorite feature. Thanks Mystery Ranch, you guys rule!

Easy access to items in the bottom.

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