Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault CL Pack

Internal mesh pocket

Inner pouch

Size/Weight– The weight of the empty bag is 4.6 lbs. As I mentioned in the section on weight, this empty pack is a bit heavier that your typical lightweight hiking pack. I personally don’t have any issues with this and I prefer a little extra weight if it means a super durable, bomber pack. Another advantage of having heavier duty materials is the ability to carrier heavier loads and not having to worry about damaging the pack. This thing is very impressive in this arena and I never worried about it failing.
As far as the amount of cargo this pack can accommodate, it has a volume of 1800 cubic inches. I was able to carry a substantial amount of gear. I have used it for some hikes through the wilderness, training military units for my business, and also taken it to the range on several occasions. I never had any problems carry everything I needed for any of the different roles I used it for. There is plenty of room for large items, smaller items, different compartments to carry water containers, etc. It fit my torso comfortably and once I got it sized to my frame, it was like it wasn’t there.

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