Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault CL Pack

Mystery Ranch
Review by Big Fred

This is the gear review for the 3 Day Assault CL pack manufactured by Mystery Ranch. I will discuss the bag in five categories…Cost, Durability, Weight/Size, Function, and Comfort. At the time of the writing of this review, it’s available in three colors…green, coyote, and black.

Cost– The 3 Day Assault CL pack has a retail price of $375.00. At first impression, one would think this is very expensive for this pack. Those people would be accurate, but the old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more true in this case. And Oh my… Mystery Ranch does not disappoint! If you know anything about this company, or have used any of there products, you will understand why I make this statement. I have used some of there military products during my time in Army Special Operations, such as a mountain ruck and some others. Once again, Mystery Ranch smacks this one out of the park!

Durability– This pack is probably the gold standard of what durability should look like for packs of this type. I will start with the 500D CORDURA fabric. This material is absolutely “bomber”. The sewing and construction are super durable. Right down to the YKK zippers with nylon cordage wrapped through the pull tabs and “hot knifed” to avoid unraveling. The zippers are also water resistant to help repel water and keep your load dry should the pack get wet. Now with this superior construction, there is a small price to pay which I will cover in the discussion on weight.

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