Mossberg Patriots getting the Kryptec Highlander treatment

Mossberg has given its Patriot bolt-action rifle series the Kryptec camo treatment starting with Kryptec’s Highlander camo pattern. The Highlander pattern is one of the more flexible designs that will blend into a wide range of terrain.

The Patriot series is a traditional-type bolt-action rifle that was launched at the top of this year. It encompasses more than 60 variants including the new models with Highlander stocks and matte blue finishes in .243, .270 and .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield and .300 Winchester Magnum.

All five models are now shipping and come with the full Patriot feature set including a button-rifled, free-floated carbon steel barrel. The Patriot series uses Mossberg’s two-lug, push-feed machined steel action and light polymer, flush-fitting box magazines. Standard magazine capacity is five rounds, four magnum.

Like other Patriot rifles the Highlander models are fit with Mossberg’s Lightning Bolt-Action or LBA Adjustable Trigger System that’s user-adjustable to offer a trigger pull weight ranging from 2 to 7 pounds. Other target rifle features include a fluted barrel with a recessed, target crown and a fluted bolt.

The stocks are equipped with sling swivel studs and incorporate traditional lines with a straight cheekpiece and a rubber buttpad to cut down on felt recoil. The action is bedded in a polymer block designed to lock in the action while providing long-term bedding support.

Both the short-action and long-action rifles come with 22-inch barrels and are standard with Weaver-pattern scope bases. They weigh 6.5 pounds unloaded, even in .300 Win. Mag., which makes them excellent rifles to carry in the field, but may need some added weight for use as bench rest rifles.

Of course, the idea behind the Patriot series isn’t precision long-range target shooting, it’s for taking game in the field, recreational shooting and introducing new shooters to riflery. These guns are chambered for very capable cartridges and suitable for hunting just about all North American game.

Priced at $426 these are great for beginners and experienced shooters alike on a budget, and while they do need a scope prices on glass have been coming down fast lately, with a lot of options for anyone looking to keep their total costs low.

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