Mob beats suspected terrorist to death, then cooks and eats him.

Congolese authorities cleaning up after the “Big Beni BBQ of 2014”

Here’s one way to mete out justice to ISIS – beat them to desk with rocks, then cook and eat them.

Grunts: mete.

That’s the way people in the Congolese town of Beni did it last week. Apparently the suspected terrorist (a young as-yet unidentified male) was on a bus, where fellow passengers realized he had a machete and could not speak Swahili. So, the crowd stoned him to death, burned his body and ate most of it.

That’s one way to express your disapproval. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been suffering a number of attacks recently, most blamed on a group called ADF-NALU, an alliance Islamist rebel groups fighting the government of Uganda. Earlier in the week last week they killed over a dozen people in the village of Kampi ya Chui, for a total of over 100 murders in October. In most cases victims were hacked to death with machetes. Attacks on Congolese civilians by ADF-NALU aren’t a new thing, they’ve been happily savaging the Congolese for a long time now (last Christmas they murdered at least 40 civilians in Beni). Attacks have just been increasingly frequent in recent weeks.

ADF-NALU has had numerous bases in the DRC and were previously recruiting there, though reports say action by teh orces Armées de la Républiue Démocratique du Congo (the Congolese military) has driven them out. They are self-described “Moslem evangelists” whose leader Jamil Mukulu preaches sermons that include phrases like “Muslims should kill non-Muslims, and also kill Muslims who are not fighting for jihad”. Interestingly several former officers from Idi Amin’s military are purportedly members of the group – there would be at least some irony there if a couple of them were beaten to death and eaten.

How or why the local townsfolk associated ISIS with ADF-NALU we’re not sure, and to be honest we don’t care enough to do the research. We’re just happy they killed the bastard and hey, if cooking and eating him is their thing, who are we to judge their vengeance-based vigilante culinary habits?

Congolese mob kills and eats suspected ISIS member 2

Congo is one of several countries that has received some FID and “train-and-equip” mission assistance from AFRICOM, including among other things the training of at least one 750-man  light infantry battalion like the “391ST Commando Battalion”, which is intended “…to be a model of future reforms within the Congolese armed forces.” There is also a 500 strong UN peacekeeping mission in the country, MONUSCO, though apparently – get this – apparently some of the UN staff were withdrawn from their bases after being attacked by crowds of young men using bows and arrows and throwing rocks.


Congolese mob kills and eats suspected ISIS member 3

You can read more on the UK website The Daily Mail.

Insert obligatory barbecue comment here. Let us also say we genuinely hope those townsfolk don’t suffer another atrocity in retribution. Can you imagine having to live like that?

Plus, the DRC is a long ways from Kansas City or Dallas. You can guarantee they have almost no access to decent bbq sauce.


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