MNKF: The Time Buyer by MilMak Blades

The Time Buyer is aptly named cause its design is reminiscent of the KaBar TDI Law knife, which was designed to protect an officer’s pistol if shit went sideways and someone tried to take it. I’m not sure if this new knife was inspired by the TDI Law, but it’s like an evolution of that blade with some great improvements. First, the Time Buyer from MilMak was designed to be concealable. The blade is relatively flat when worn IWB, no printing whatsoever. It also fits really comfortably in the center of your hand, allowing you to firmly grip the handle.

Like all of Justin’s blades, the Time Buyer is purpose-built and not very flashy. It’s sharpened on both ends, allowing you to work it in various positions. Sure, the knife can perform daily duties you might perform while strolling about, but it serves just one real purpose: I like to describe it as “the knife you pull out when things have gone horribly wrong and you need to create some distance between you and the jerk-off trying to cave your head in”.

When I asked Justin from MilMak to make me one, I also asked him to build me a training knife. He normally doesn’t offer them (or at least I haven’t seen one on his site or Instagram feed), but he can make you a training knife if you ask nicely and offer a reasonable fee. Knives like these require practice and instruction from dudes who have lived on the “edge”, if you get my point (holy shit, did you see what I just did there?)

Check out Justin’s works on his site and Instagram Feed, I think you’ll dig the works and find that the prices are fair for handmade blades.

Steel- Aldo 1/8″ 1095
Overall- 6″
Blade- 2 1/2″
Handle- Black G10 textured
Finish- Cerakote Tungsten
Edge: Double Flat Grind
Sheath: Black Kydex IWB

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